Abdominal Exercises

There are some very basic exercises that should always be done and chances are that you have most likely heard of them. There are never any secret exercises that will get you those rock hard abdominals.

So taking a look at the basics:

  • Crunches (upper abs)
  • Reverse crunch (lower abs)
  • Situps (overall abs)
  • Cable crunches (upper abs)
  • Side Crunches (obliques)
  • Pikes (upper abs)
  • V-ups (upper and lower abs)

Now this is just a basic list of the best abdominal exercises. There are literally hundreds of abdominal exercises that you could find scattered around the information highway.

Some basic principles also have to be kept in mind when working on your abdominals.

Dieting is incredibly critical. Some of you may have a faster metabolism than others but diet is still just as important. A rich source of protein is required. A low carbohydrate and low fat diet will also greatly increase results.

All abdominal muscles must be exercised. Just doing one exercises, say crunches, is not going to get you any results. Your upper abs, lower abs and obliques must all be worked out consistently.

Consistently however does not mean everyday. Your abdominals are another type of muscle and they too need rest. Abdominals should be worked out between 2 – 4 times per week with 1 day rest in between workouts.

Now I realize that I have not given you a whole list of the best abdominal exercises and how to do them. This is because I think the best way for you to learn is the same way I did.