About Barbell Only Workout

The Warm-Up

I strongly believe in warming-up before exercising and do not allow any of my clients to just jump in and start lifting heavy weight. That is only a good way to hurt yourself, plus if your muscles are warmed-up you will be able to lift heavier weight which will result in bigger gains. OK enough said, do the following warm-up before each workout:

  • BB Floor Press 1 x 10
  • BB Squat 1 x 10
  • BB Bent-Over Row 1 x 10
  • BB RDL 1 x 10
  • BB Shoulder Press 1 x 10
  • BB Lunge Around the World 2x

Perform all exercises one after the other with no rest and use only an empty barbell. Focus on perfect form and feeling the movement.

Day 1

  • BB Front Squat*
  • BB Floor Press**
  • BB Bent-Over Row
  • BB Overhead Tricep Extension

*I prefer the front squat over the back squat when you are unable to use a rack. This way is safer and more effective. By using a front squat you are able to clean the weight up and then squat it from there and if you need to drop it you can. If you were to do a back squat you would have to put less weight on the bar in order to lift it up and onto your shoulders and then you may not be able to get the bar off of your shoulders. The front squat is safer and will be just as effective. The front squat will also force your abdominal muscles to work harder, than in a back squat. ** You may need a spotter.

Day 2

  • BB Deadlift
  • BB Standing Shoulder Press
  • BB Pullover
  • BB Bicep Curl
  • Sets, Reps, and Rest for Days 1 & 2
  • You will be doing 3 sets of all exercises, but the reps will vary.
  • Week 1 = 6,6,5 reps
    Week 2 = 5,5,4 reps
    Week 3 = 4,4,3 reps
    Week 4 = 3,3,2 reps

You will use these rep ranges for all exercises in Days 1 & 2 except for Overhead Tricep Extensions and BB Bicep Curls. For these two exercises, you will do 3 sets of 8 reps. In between each set take a 45 second break before starting your next set.

Day 3

  • BB Hang Clean
  • BB T-Bar Row*
  • BB Split Squat
  • BB Lying Single Arm Press
  • BB Upright Row

*Use a two handed grip.

Day 3 will be a circuit. Load the bar with an appropriate amount of weight that you can lift for each exercise. And then go from one exercise to the next without changing the weight. You will be doing 8 reps for each exercise. After you have finished the five exercises, rest for 1 minute and then repeat. Do this circuit for a total of three times. This day is designed as a stamina and endurance day and will provide a pretty good cardiovascular workout as well as a weight workout.


The following abdominal and lower back exercises are to be done after each workout for 1 set and 25 reps each.

  • BB Good Mornings
  • BB Floor Wipers
  • BB Roll Outs
  • BB Core Rotations
  • Exercise Descriptions

Lunge Around the World – place BB on shoulders, then starting with your right leg do a forward lunge, lateral lunge, and reverse lunge. Then repeat this on the left leg. Do both sides twice.