About Exercising More Resolution

Set realistic goals for yourself

It’s important to be very clear to yourself with what you want to accomplish. Yes, you want to include regular exercise in your daily regime, but how ‘regular’ is regular in your vocabulary? Does it mean exercising thirty minutes a week or will it involve a rigorous one-hour training daily? Be ambitious but temper it with practicality. Don’t set goals that are entirely unreachable. Consider your health condition, work schedule and other commitments as well any other concerns you may have that could affect your ability to exercise.

Be specific as much as you can

Never underestimate a human’s ability to rationalize. Any person can rival the best lawyers in the world when it comes to making up an excuse to get out of regular exercise. You have to make your goals as specific as you can to leave yourself without any loopholes or escape clauses that will let you wriggle free from your New Year’s resolutions. You need to be firm and practice tough love with yourself by providing as much details as possible for your intended exercise regime.

Do it for the right reasons

Exercise is always good for the body, but it’s more easily done for the right reasons. Exercising for good health is a noble objective, but only a few are inspired by it. Exercising to make yourself look and feel good is quite acceptable as well, but if you’re exercising just to make other people insecure, for instance, then that’s when trouble might start. Focus on the positive side. Look for reasons that will benefit you and bring no harm to anyone. Do that and you’ll be fine.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a solo pursuit

There’s no rule that states New Year’s resolutions should be achieved alone, is there? So go ahead and look for friends who might be interested in having the same resolution if it’s going to make it easier. While some people may not mind exercising alone, many others would prefer to exercise in a group to keep their mind off the physical torture they’re inflicting themselves with.

Exercise can be fun

If you don’t find joy in going to the gym or using the various weightlifting and slimming equipment and machines available to keep yourself fit then there are still some alternatives that you could use to help you stick to your resolution. You can try having belly-dancing or pole-dancing lessons to keep yourself fit and gain confidence in your sex appeal at the same time. You can also try out new sports and develop your motor and coordination skills simultaneously.

Exercise doesn’t have to be limited to fitness centers and your own home. With a little prodding, your imagination is sure to come up with a suggestion or two on the best way to exercise and stick to your resolution.