About Stomach Reducing Exercises


The most important type of exercises are cardio exercises. These are the ones that will shred all the fat off your body. In fact many people get things wrong and think that if they do crunch after crunch, they’ll have the abs of Brad Pitt (in his good times at least), but that’s not the case. Crunches help you strengthen the area but won’t do anything about fat. The burning sensation is because you are working the muscle not the “fat burning”.

Well, with cardio you can choose whatever suits you best. For example, I love running; I get up early and run. This way I do cardio and kick-start my day. However if I had a pool, I would swim. Do whatever you feel comfortable with: jog, run, swim, jump, do aerobics, tae-bo, etc. Cardio and nutrition are essential to reduce your stomach. In fact if you work on both factors, you’ll find out that you can reduce your stomach without the need of crunches. However… they won’t give you that nice six pack.

Stomach exercises

These are the exercises that will make your stomach look sexy. Sure you can be slim, but a nice set of abs need some extra hard work. There are many exercises out there that can help you. However not all of them have the same effectiveness. In my workout, there are two exercises that can’t be overlooked: The plank and the Bicycle Maneuver.

The plank is an isometric exercise that’ll work your inner muscles, the core section. Basically it involves holding a “push-up”-like position for a second. No movement. Sounds simple? It is, but it is not as easy as it sounds.

The Bicycle Maneuver is another great exercise. In fact, scientific research has proved that it is the exercise that triggers most activity on your abs. Here’s how you do it: Lie on a flat surface; make sure your lower back is pressed on the ground. Take your hands behind your ears. Then bring up your knees at a 45 degree angle. Start doing a bicycle pedaling motion. Touch your elbow with the opposite knee (right elbow with left knee and so on, alternating). Breathe relaxed and evenly throughout the whole exercise.