Achieve a Better Body Using In-Home Exercises

To be sure to gain the best results possible you must work every muscle in your body which can simply be done by stretching. The perfect body is in everyone opinion different regardless if your physic is muscular or slim. Working out can sharpen the body as well as the mind. Researchers as well as trainers have found that it is better to stretch before the workout is to begin. What this does is loosens the muscles which enables them to contract more for a better burn, which makes a better workout. The body can only take so much, which is tested through pain. To limit the pain you must stretch.

How I achieved my perfect body is not through weights but by cardio. I started designing several unique fitness routines which has sculpted my body, and now I’m ready to share it with others. This workout takes 2 hours of your time to achieve a better body as well as personal health physical and mental.

I started out doing 100 push-ups a day for 1 week in sets of 10. The next week I did 200 push-ups in sets of 15. I then did 300 push-ups in sets of 20. Now! its time to get fancy. I now add a different style in the way I do my push-ups, by using a chair, putting my feet on it and doing the push-ups which this style is considered an incline push-up. This type of push-up builds the upper chest, shoulder, neck, back upper and lower as well as working the arms. This is an effective push-up that I do 200 push-ups in sets of 20.

Some people do sit-ups but I prefer crunches. They are more effective and they work all the lower abdominal muscles. Crunches are done in between push-ups which you should allow yourself 2 minute breaks. To perform the perfect crunch you must get down on your back, raise your legs level with your chest and bring your chin up to your knee’s. After 10 sets of 10 you will feel a burn in your abdomen.

That mean you did a great crunch session. Remember it’s your body so don’t cheat yourself. The next week, like the push-ups you add 5 more crunches to your workout and with that you add a pose session. Meaning you hold the last crunch after every set for a 10 second count. Feeling cocky now huh? Well don’t look in the mirror yet champ we are just getting started. Now do 20 crunches a set and add a twist of the waist in between each crunch.

Legs are great to workout because you can use them all day long. If you walk up the stairs to get something and then you walk back down the stairs that was a leg workout. A great leg workout that is great is to jog. Maintain regular breathing throughout the exercises, try not to hold your breath, your muscles will need that oxygen. Jogging is a great exercise that is great for your health. It can condition your legs as well as condition your lungs. I jog 2 miles every day except Sunday. It’s great if you have a dog because dogs are great jogging partners. Sometimes I forget who training who. Another great leg exercise is calf raises. These can be done on a staircase or steps.

What you do is stand on the edge of the step and reach for the sky standing on your toes. These can also be done in between the push-up and crunch sessions. These work the calf and thigh muscles. Start with doing sets of 50, then upgrade to whatever number you feel you need to get the burn. What is the burn? Well the burn is an indication of a good workout of the specific area that is burning. Follow these steps and you will have a great body and live a healthier life.

Achieving the perfect body is not easy. You must want and work hard to get and maintain the perfect body. Using these exercises is the first step to doing so. It’s your body and you should take care of it while you are still in control of it. Upgrade your workout every week and in 3 months you will see an incredible difference all over. After 3 months look in the mirror at what you molded without weights. Now imagine what you can look like with the assistance of weights. Weight lifting is a great way to build your body but with weights you must stick with them or the muscle will not set properly later on in life.