Advantages of Weight Lifting

Surprisingly this isn’t true. Men and women have different hormones in their bodies and it is the mainly male hormone testosterone that encourages muscle development. As women have little of this hormone in their bodies they don’t gain muscle mass with weight lifting the way men do.

Resistance exercise or strength training has been shown by research to have profound results on the mucsulosketal system. This type of exercise which includes weight lifting and weight training aids the body keep in shape and functioning well and can prevent back pain, sarcopenia and osteoporosis amongst other disabilities.

Muscle conditioning which is aided by weight lifting is essential for overall strength and firmness of the body. A well looked after body is important and will be beneficial right throughout life. Muscle conditioning will help the bones grow stronger and denser as it puts stress on the surrounding muscles.

Weight lifting will also encourage the muscles, tendons and connective tissue to grow stronger.

Your posture and the way in which you sit and stand will be influenced by many muscles in the body, namely the shoulder, back, neck, abdominal and hip muscles. The stronger your muscles, the more your body will be able to sit or stand more comfortably. This will also encourage stability and improved balance.

As your body begins to change physically as you continue your fitness routine, you will also notice benefits mentally. Weight training will promote a better quality of sleep and help you fall asleep faster. Your capacity for handling stress will improve. Research has shown taking some form of regular exercise is one of the best ways of managing stress effectively.

Like most types of exercise, weight lifting will raise the metabolism therefore the body will burn off more calories, helping achieve our weight loss goal. It’s possible you may not notice a big change in weight, however your body will be gaining muscle and losing fat and gradually there will be a marked difference in waist measurement and overall body fat.

Remember it’s better to do something even if it is little, rather than do nothing. Start by lifting some shopping bags or rocking your baby, it may make all the difference to your health and muscle strength in later life.

It is important to check with your doctor first if you intend to include weight training as part of your daily exercise.