Anywhere Posture Improver’s


Helps realign your head over your shoulders-and relieve neck strain

While standing or sitting, simply move your head back over the middle of your shoulders. Think of trying to touch an imaginary wall with the back of your neck (do not actually tip your head back to touch the wall as that will cause your neck to arch).

Hold for ten seconds and relax. Do this whenever you realize your head has been hanging forward for a while, i.e., after reading or leaning over your desk, computer, handwork, hobby, etc.


Strengthens the muscles between the shoulder blades and mid-back. This movement/exercise will correct rounded shoulders¬-and also relax all neck muscles.

Lift rib cage. Think of pulling up with your midsection.

Press your shoulder blades back, towards your spine, and then press them down towards your waistline.

Hold for a slow count of ten, without holding your breath. Repeat often.


Strengthens all four layers of abdominal muscle.

Inhale deeply. Make an effort to pull the oxygen all the way down to the bottom of your lungs. You should feel your lungs and ribcage expand.

Exhale, through your mouth, as if blowing air through a straw.

As you are exhaling, pull your belly button towards your spine, as if you were trying to zip up a really tight pair of pants. Also, try to feel the bottom of your rib cage pull in.