Arm Exercises

If you wish to dramatically increase the size of your upper biceps muscle, well look no further than the preacher curl. The preacher curl is one of the best arm exercises and also one of the easiest to perform. This exercise get its name due to the body position adopted whilst carrying out the movement relating to a preacher leaning over a pulpit. The preacher curl predominantly works the upper biceps muscle, with some secondary resistance on the forearm flexors. It is important that when performing this exercise that your arms are positioned in front of your body and that you are leaning forward slightly. Always ensure that your elbows are in full contact with the bench throughout the movement and concentrate the feeling directly onto your biceps.

Select a preacher bar and load it with a moderately heavy weight one in which you are capable of performing 10 to 12 good quality repetitions. Sit on the preacher bench, leaning over the angled arm pad with your elbows pinned against the pad. Assume the starting position, which is with the preacher bar level with the top of the chest and the biceps tensed. Slowly lower the barb resisting strongly as you do so until your biceps muscle is fully extended and then raise the bar tensing your biceps as you do so to the starting position. This constitutes one full repetition, you need to perform 10 to 12 reps and a total of four sets. On each consecutive set increase the weight incrementally

Great emphasis should be put on the lowering phase of the exercise. This really is one of the best arm exercises and you can expect rapid gains in arm muscle.