Basic Calisthenics

Basic Calisthenics Make An Excellent Warm Up

Before you start any physical training, a proper warm up should be performed. And, in my opinion, there is no better warm up for every type of physical activity than bodyweight calisthenics. There is no other activity that can prepare your body for the multitude of movements of sport, work and life quite like bodyweight exercise.

Basic Calisthenics Make A Great Full Body Workout.

You can use bodyweight exercise to improve upper body, lower body and core strength and endurance. Plus, the rhythmic nature of some calisthenics makes them excellent heart and lung workouts. So you can get a true full body workout which includes all muscle groups and the cardiorespiratory systems. And the best part, you don’t need any equipment!

Mix Body weight Exercises With Other Forms Of Training

Just because you use some other form of training, like dumbbells, barbells and machines, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mix in some calisthenics as well. Just think about it. The challenges of sport, work and life require moving the weight of your own body, moving other objects or moving your own bodyweight and other objects. You should train accordingly by mixing bodyweight exercise and weighted resistance.

You Can Do Bodyweight Cardio Intervals

At the end of most people’s workout, they do some “cardio”. Unfortunately, this often means zoning out on the treadmill or exercise bike while reading a magazine or watching the T.V. I suggest you pump up the intensity by throwing in some Bodyweight Intervals. Every once in a while, jump off the bike or treadmill and do some basic calisthenics. This boosts the intensity of your workout by breaking your breathing and heart rhythms, ultimately providing a better workout.