Burn More Fat Without Cardio

The Fact is you can Burn Fat Without Cardio exercise at all! As shocking as it sounds, it’s true.

Myth: Cardio burns fat, weight training adds bulk

Truth: Muscle is where fat is burned, train it to adapt to stress and grow, you will burn more fat than you ever will doing cardio alone. Cardio is simply a supplement to your fat burning efforts. And 99% of ALL people do it wrong.

So many people think that they can burn fat by doing cardio alone, it’s simply not the case – not if you want to look good when it’s all said and done.

Cardio (the slow steady type you’re familiar with) has barely any true fat loss enhancement effects. It can increase your metabolism in small increments, but nothing compared to training to increase or maintain muscle size.

It’s certainly understandable if you want to begin with cardio for the first few days to ease back into exercising, but if you MUST do cardio first to get into the habit, keep it no longer than 3 days before you begin a weight training routine.

Any longer and you risk sacrificing muscle tissue and literally sabotaging your fat loss efforts.

The best way to get back into exercise after a long lay off is to perform 2-3 full body weight training sessions per week, and keep them light to moderate in intensity. Once you’ve gotten through the first 4-6 workouts, you can begin strategically increasing the intensity to ramp your metabolism and burn more fat 24 hours a day.

Here’s a sample full body routine to get you started:

Workout A

  • A1. Shoulder Press
  • A2. Bent Row
  • A3. Dumbbell Swing
  • A4. Barbell Curl
  • A5. Jump Rope (30 seconds)
  • A6. V-Ups

Perform 8 reps of each exercise (A1-A5) moving from exercise to exercise without rest until #4 is complete. This is 1 round. Rest 90 Seconds and repeat for a total of 3-6 Rounds.

Workout B

  • B1. Squat
  • B2. Hammer Curl to Press
  • B3. Stiff Leg Deadlift
  • B4. Overhead Tricep Extension
  • B5. Step Ups
  • B6. Plank (30 Seconds)