Cardiovascular Exercises

Exercise can be largely broken down into two classifications: cardiovascular training and strength training. If you want to improve your fitness, you must absolutely focus on cardiovascular training. Cardiovascular training is designed to get the blood pumping through your vital organs, leave your lungs gasping for air and increase your heart rate to its training RPM. This will all in turn burn through excess calories, and leave your physical condition in a much-improved state after time. If you’re not a health fanatic and are just looking to shift a few pounds, you too could really benefit from cardio exercise to improve your physical capabilities and significantly reduce your chances of heart attacks and strokes in later life. So, now it’s simply a case of fitting some cardio in around your busy daily schedule, which needn’t be as hard as it sounds straight off.

If you work or go to school, how do you get there in the morning? If it isn’t by foot, you could be missing out on a great way to cram in your daily exercise. If you work too far away to walk, try parking your car in a different parking lot, and walking a couple of blocks to get there. Small steps like these every day can have a great effect on your well-being. Another great idea is to ride a bike. Ride a bike to work instead of driving, and you’re not only helping yourself, you’re also helping the planet. A win/win situation.

You don’t have to devote hours to going to the gym or the pool if you don’t want to. There are loads of simple exercises – even doing housework – that can improve your cardiovascular fitness and help you lose weight. If you continue to push yourself, going that little bit further every day, you’ll find in no time that your health will have seriously improved, in this will also show as lost inches round your waist and thighs.