Convenient Exercise

Ping-pong or “Table tennis” as it is officially known is a great sport for getting active. As a scaled-down version of tennis, ping-pong is a fun sport with a fast pace but isn’t nearly as physically demanding as its larger counterpart. It can be taken up by anyone, and will get your body moving, build your reflexes, and get your heart pumping. It’s a great source of exercise that will burn a lot of calories without leaving you winded and drained of energy. The rules are extremely simple and can be learned in minutes, and as long as you have a table it can played anytime. It is also a very enjoyable sport, and when playing with a friend you’ll find yourself staying with it for much longer than you had originally intended.

Badminton is another great sport for exercise. Though it’s slightly more physically demanding than table tennis, badminton can really be played at any pace. The specially designed birdie lofts through the air much slower than a tennis ball, so you can enjoy this sport on a leisurely level, or push further and play harder and really get your body working. Either way you’ll be burning calories and getting the exercise you need, but you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. While badminton is normally played on a full-sized court, you can play it in your own backyard with just a birdie and two rackets. Because of its varying levels of physical exertion and the ability to play anywhere badminton is a very versatile sport.

No exercise is as beneficial for your cardiovascular system as swimming. Your heart has to work hard to move your body’s weight through water, and having to hold your breath and control it exercises your lungs and makes them more capable of delivering oxygen to your blood. Swimming is also one of the highest rated forms of exercise for burning calories in a relatively short period of time. The greatest benefit to swimming is that most people love to do it. You don’t have to make laps and swim like an athlete to get the benefits of swimming. Leisure swimming, diving, and treading water are all that’s required. It’s easy to do for long periods of time, helping your body to burn unwanted fat. Best of all, when you’re ready to call it quits, all you have to do is pull over a float, kick back, and enjoy a few rays.

Last on the list is a very unique form of exercise that is appealing to the growing trend of convenient exercise – The Wii from Nintendo. This console is the first ever gaming machine marketed as a means to achieve exercise and improve your health, and it does so via a control set up that gets you off of the sofa and onto the floor. Your body’s movement determines your actions, and with the many great exercise and sports titles available, you can spend hours having a blast while you exercise. You can do it alone, or compete against friends to make it more fun and go on for even longer. The effort involved is just enough to make you break a sweat, but not so much that you’ll feel tired when you’re finished playing.

While it is true that Americans are getting less exercise than ever before, a new trend of convenient, casual exercise methods may very well change that. You don’t need expensive gyms or intense exercise routines that are difficult to stick to lose weight or get in better shape – you simply need to find something you enjoy that gets you onto your feet. If you really enjoy it, you won’t feel like you have to commit to anything, and you’ll spend much more time on it. There are a lot of great ways to burn calories and tone your body, so look for whatever best suits you!