Diet and Exercise

If you have been sedentary for a long period of time, then it is important to start out slow. Walk for a few minutes each day on a treadmill or outside. Gradually increase the distance and the amount of time that you walk. It is important that you wear good walking shoes for support. Walking is the best form of exercise and a good place to start.

If you are morbidly obese and find walking difficult for you, then consider joining a health club or the local YMCA and start a water exercise program. Exercising in the water can be safer and easier on you because it takes the pressure off of your joints. Many people have found water exercising the easiest way to get started. Plus, it is really fun!

Once you are able to walk or exercise in the water, you want to start a weight training program. Get yourself a set of hand weights and start out by using them every other day. You can lift the weights will sitting at your desk or on the sofa. Gradually increase the amount of weight and the duration of the exercises as you grow stronger. You can then advance to more advanced weight training to build muscle.

Now that you are walking and lifting weights, you want to start a cardio workout. There are plenty of good videos available that have great cardio workouts on them. Find something that you can do and that has beginner to advanced exercises on it.

Just remember to always drink plenty of water when you are exercising. This will help your muscles recover and keep you from getting dehydrated. Adequate water intake will also help increase the amount of weight you lose. Water is very important when you are exercising and trying to lose weight.

Next, you need to find a good weight loss program that will show you how to make a lifestyle change and not just follow a diet. A good weight loss program will teach you what to eat to lose weight and most importantly how to keep it off.

So don’t suffer any longer. Find a good weight loss program and stick to it. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Before you know it, you will be slimmer and stronger.