Exercise Or Die Hard

The first thought that would come to your mind is weight lifting. The words “weight lifting” and “resistance training” have been taken to be the same for many years – rightly so, as they embody the same concept: doing work under more restraining conditions. Whether it is Yoga, Pilates or other cardiovascular exercises, or any other form of exercise, the concept is the same – moving your body under more resistance.

All forms of exercise play a major role in slowing down the aging process. Most senior citizens end up in nursing homes because they lose the ability to think and move. These processes stop happening on their own if you do not have to do them every day. Exercise gives you work to do other that just sitting on the couch and playing around with the remote control in your hand!

When it comes to the physical side, I am sure none of us like body fat. Obesity causes more deaths in America each year than all known forms of Cancer combined. Most of us will not be able to do thirty pushups (for women) or 40 (for men). Can you? If not, then you are below the 50-percentile mark for your gender!

According to statistics 64% of Americans are over weight. Effects on self -esteem are eminent by the skyrocketing sales of anti-depressants.

Exercise and a well-organized diet plan undoubtedly carry the solution. Do not mistake this for 2 hours daily routine in the gym or eating nothing but carrots and celery all day long. These practices are just as ineffective at long-term weight loss brought about by diet pills and late night infomercial products.

Weight training, essential for both men and women, makes the muscles more metabolically active. This would mean that the muscles will be burning more calories at all times than normal. You would also be burning a good amount of calories while lying on the bed! Muscle is the only site in your body where body fat is broken down. Consequently weak muscles would mean weaker metabolism and hence lesser calories burnt.

The Second Important part is Cardiovascular Training. A popular mythical belief is that this type of training is only to help cardio-respiratory system to help function properly. Cardiovascular training will also burn a lot of calories for you. This needs to, however be combined with weight/resistance training to produce the desired result rather than to merely lose body liquid and muscle.

Last but not the least is your nutritional program. Your food intake should be quality intake. Your diet should have appropriate proportions of complex carbohydrates, fiber, fatty acids, and protein. Lean sources of protein however, are the right choices as they will fulfill the body’s nutritional requirements as well as increase the metabolism, burning more of your calories.