Fitness Boot Camp Classes

  • Accountability – in most classes you will pay a fee to join and no one want to just through their money away, so you are more apt to be accountable and also most classes will make you do extra workouts if you miss a day, YUK!
  • Muscle Confusion – the great thing about most programs, you are doing something different every day or week so you create muscle confusion. This allows your body to change more quickly resulting in quicker results.
  • Comradery – most classes have other men, women or children in them. You will build up friendships with them and you will look forward to seeing them. This also keeps you accountable.
  • Knowledge – Once you have attended one or several classes, you will have learned how far your body can be pushed and several, if not hundreds of exercises you can now do on your own to maintain your results.
  • Nutrition – Most fitness boot camp classes will give you some kind of guideline on good nutrition to implement into your everyday living.