Get Fit In Easy Steps

First, set a goal. Different goals are required for different people. It may be that you would like to lose 10 pounds within the next two months. Or maybe to exercise and get fit enough to be able to run 20 miles without stopping. Whatever the case, first create a compelling goal to help you motivate yourself to exercise properly.

The second step is to make working out a habit. This means that you should do something every day to help promote good fitness. Believe it or not, it’s easier to exercise every day than three times a week. How is this? Because you can make a habit out of exercising daily very easily, but exercising three times a week gives you too many opportunities to come up with excuses. This doesn’t mean that every day has to be a hard workout. Sometimes all it takes is a brisk walk for 20 minutes on those days when you want take it easy. Just make sure you do something everyday.

The third step is to balance your fitness program with durability and intensity. The point is that as you become more fit, you can exercise longer. However, if you find yourself working out for two hours at a time, this may not be good. In fact, it can chemically alter the state of your body, and even destroy muscles and cause fat content to rise. Sometimes it is better to have short workouts that are intense instead of long workouts that are not quite as strenuous.

The fourth step is to safe proof yourself from excuses. What I mean by this is don’t give yourself an opportunity to back out of your fitness program. Oftentimes this means purchasing fitness equipment to use at home, for those days that you can’t make it to the gym. By not giving yourself an excuse, you will find that you continue to stay committed to your fitness program.