Get Rid of Male Chest Fat

Cardio – Burn The Blubber Off Your Chest

For many people, dieting coupled with cardio will do wonders with your fat. A common myth is that long-duration, low intensity training is the best for fat loss. This is completely the wrong route you want to be taking. Shorter workouts that are high intensity is the best way to burn off fat. There isn’t one best exercise that I would advocate – I would just advice you to pick an activity thats realistic in you doing 4 times a week. Also, whatever you do make sure that you have a way of calculating your heart rate because for best results, you want to be working at about 75 to 85% of your maximum heart rate. There are various resources on the internet to help you find what yours is.

Whatever you do, I would also recommend that you do so with interval training. Its a high intensity workout thats definitely doable. The reason I like this sort of style of exercise is because it boosts your metabolism after you’re done working out. This means that hours after your done running, your body will still be burning off calories. What you want to do is start off with a light warm up intensity, then quickly jump up to a high intensity level for a short period, until coming back down. Your training entails you cycling in between easy and hard intensities throughout your session. For example, you would run, bike, row hard for a minute then lightly for another minute. Repeat. I would recommend cycling in between the two for at least 20 minutes, preferably 30.

Important Points To Note

Although cardio is going to play a prominent role in getting rid of male chest fat, for many this is not enough to fully remove them. Millions have man boobs because of a condition called gynecomastia. This is where the body produces an increased amount of estrogen and a decreased amount of testosterone which produces the fatty tissue over your chest. The tissue is similar that of a woman’s which means you can’t just burn them off without first balancing out your hormones. Gynecomastia is caused by numerous factors which include obesity. You may have gynecomastia and not know it. There are programs that offer real ways to balance your hormones in your body while at the same time providing an effective workout regime built around your chest. Its a realistic approach in completely losing your moobs.