Holiday Guide To Getting In Better Shape

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – as well as New Years Eve and New Years Day. The Spokane holiday season is a great time for family, fun and eating.

With Christmas coming many people are excited for presents and gifts galore – and it’s a sad site when you see that most people bring a lot more than a few trinkets or toys into the new year.

After the Holiday most bring with them an extra 10-15 pounds in the form of fat securely fastened around their body.

What are you going to take with you into the new year? Are you going to bring with you an additional 5,10, perhaps 15 pounds with you into the new year, or lose 10 pounds.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of my Christmas wish-list, I don’t imagine putting 10-15 pounds of fat on that list.

How do you avoid putting a single ounce of fat on over the holidays?

Simple – you decide that it’s what you want to do.

You have to decide even before you are faced with the pies, the candies, the stuffing – any of it – any temptation. It all starts in your mind – your fitness mind.

Here are some tips to make your fitness journey through the holidays easier than making your morning bowl of oatmeal (you are eating oatmeal for breakfast – right?).

  • If something is in your house it will be eaten during the holiday. If you don’t want to eat it – don’t bring it into the house. The best way to avoid food is to ban them from your house. More than likely you won’t eat something that’s not there.
  • Keep the treats and desserts out of your home during this time. You can still enjoy an occasional treat at a relatives house.
  • Come Halloween time only get enough candy to last a day or two at most. That way you won’t have candy laying around the house to be devoured at a moment’s notice.
  • Don’t fall for the All or None principle. Even if you have 4 or 5 special occasions during the holidays where you gather together for feasting – this doesn’t mean you have to turn Thanksgiving and Christmas into a 2 month event. Out of 61 days you still have at least 50-55 days where you exercise and eat healthy.
  • Enjoy your holiday eating – and get right back to your regular healthy eating and exercise. Don’t feel guilty about those days of pleasure – just get right back to it. Plan your holiday meals in advance and move on afterwards.
  • Start a Spokane holiday fitness plan right now – don’t wait until the new year or the infamous tomorrow. Tomorrow is never going to be today – get a head start and get with a fitness plan.
  • You have to determine right now that you want to be leaner, meaner and in better shape come the new year!