Increase Vertical Leap Results

It is important to understand that there are specific muscles that determine your vertical leap results. And as with any muscle you can strengthen these muscle groups through exercise and other daily activities to improve you vertical leap results. There is however, mathematics and science involved also and you need to understand the role they play in your leaping ability so that you can improve those skills also. Understanding the combination of these two areas and how to improve in both of them is key to maximizing your vertical leap results.

Realize that muscles do have a limit, but you can maximize your potential if you properly train and condition yourself. Your first focus should be on your calf muscles and quad muscles. These are the primary leaping muscles. Don’t overdo it in the beginning because you can strain yourself. Start out with some calf raises, using both feet at the same time, and work your way up. Soon you’ll be able to balance on one foot and use all your body weight to maximize effect. Focus on these muscle groups in your daily activities such as walking, do not walk flat footed and you’ll notice a difference right away. Do squats to both stretch and strengthen your muscles at the same time. Do a lot of mini hops similar to jumping rope. Do lots of stretching, at least 3 times a day, working on the hamstrings, quads, hip-flexors, glutes and calves. It is important to stretch after your workouts, stretching before a workout actually decreases your power output. Weight train, concentrating on your posterior chain muscles (lower back, glutes and hamstrings). Your posterior chain accounts for up to 80% of the force generated for your jump. Lastly, muscles require at least 48 hours of rest to rebuild broken down muscle fibers. You’ll notice that your calf muscles will get bigger on the days that you rest. Without proper rest, muscles will become immune to your physical routine, and may not increase in mass or strength. I’m just breaking the ice here; there is a ton of information on this subject for you to research.

So where do the mathematics and science come in. There is a number called the Uncompromised Performance Number (UPN). This UPN technology provides a viable way you can actually predict, document and plot the step by step vertical leap improvement of any athlete. It is performance, meeting hard mathematics and physics. No one regime of numbers will be the same from one athlete to another. The UPN system works exclusively to develop an athlete’s power output capacity. UPN technology is to be implemented with only certain and specific types of exercises, not the usual ones your use to seeing in the gym. One example of an exercise is the Single Leg Hyperextension. This one exercise, combined with a subjective UPN based power put program, is easily the single most effective exercise ever devised for increasing single leg athletic power output.

There is a guy named Luke Lowrey. He has, for the better part of three years, had elite level and every day coaches, trainers and athletes from around the world flock to him eager to learn about this unique UPN(TM), vertical jump advanced training and recovery system. You can learn more about this at my website. So continue on and learn more about how you can create mind blowing vertical leap results.