Lose Belly Flab

These exercises are quite easy to do. You should do them continuously every day. Never miss a single day until you achieve your goal. You must set yourself a goal. Your goal is to lose belly flab so focus on losing the unwanted flab when you do the exercises.

Free Squats: Doing free squats everyday can help you get rid of excessive flab near your belly as well as the one near the knees. For this exercise, you must stand straight with your arms stretched forward. Then slowly go down to a position that is similar to the one when you sit on a chair. Push your bottoms a little more low until your bottoms touch the floor. This will contract your abdominals and will reduce your belly flab and the flab in you bottoms.

Sit ups: Sit ups are very good if you want to build abs and get rid of belly flab. Lie on the floor with your palms behind your head. Bend your knees. Slowly raise your head and chest up together until you are in level with your knees but don’t raise your belly. Then return to the original position. The sit ups are quite simple and can get you abs very fast.

With these exercises you can easily lose your belly flab. All you need to do is concentrate on it as you workout. Be determined.