Medicine Ball Push-Ups

I recommend a few sets of these before or after the bench. In doing so, you force your stabilizers to work extra hard, creating a better sense of balance in your other presses.

A lot of energy is wasted in presses just keeping a fluid and steady motion. Targeting your weak points will only make your normal lifts that much easier.

In addition, if you choose to, you could even replace your triceps workouts with a few sets of these since it places so much emphasis on them.

Here is how I suggest you go about doing the medicine ball push-up:.

  • Get a wide foot base. At first you are going to be unsteady.
  • Place your palms face in on each side of the top of the ball.
  • Keep your elbows tucked into your sides.
  • In a slow controlled manner lower yourself down to the ball, pausing for one second at the bottom (the ball should be under your sternum).
  • Push yourself back up slowly.
  • Do this 8-12 reps. (do not go until failure! this could result in injury!)

As you become more comfortable you can experiment with using closer stances and even balancing using one foot. This will put even more stress on your stabilizers and triceps.