Method For Getting Sexy Abs

There are numerous benefits to having six pack abs, and only part of it is about the great looks you’ll get on the beach when you reveal your rock hard abs. The additional health benefits include great posture and structure that come from focusing on your core muscle groups. Your sexy abs will stop you getting back pain as they provide strong support for the smaller and weaker muscles of the back.

One of the most common reasons that our naturally toned abs don’t show is there invariably a layer of fat that sits on top of the muscles. Get rid of the fat and the 6 pack will shine through.

It’s therefore as important to focus on your diet as it is to spend endless hours working on your abdominal workouts. Unless you improve your food intake to include more vegetables, protein and less carbohydrates and fat, you’ll never see the sexy abs shining through. Instead you’ll be left frustrated and demotivated.

How do you burn those calories?

Firstly incorporate some cardiovascular work into your fitness routine. Start with walking or running on a treadmill supplemented with some bike or elliptical trainer work. Do this sort of calorie burning training between the muscle building training and you’ll soon start to see the abs popping out.

Are crunches the best exercise for achieving the rock hard sexy abs look?

The short answer is no!

The longer answer is no if that is your only means of exercising your abs. You need to build in some ball work and ensure you’re training the external oblique muscles which sit on the side of the torso. With the right combination of exercises taking no more than 9 minutes a day you should start seeing excellent results in about 6 weeks.