Oblique Exercise

Remember that the key to a great looking stomach is dropping your whole body fat levels, and exercising your stomach’s muscles – all of them. Follow these tips to get the most out of your oblique exercises:

  • Warm up and stretch. Many people neglect this step, however it can mean the difference between results and injuries.
  • Quality over quantity. What good is in making 1000 reps of badly performed exercises? When you do your oblique exercises, perform them slowly and with control. The key here is form, and form is success.
  • Focus on your obliques. Don’t use the neck or back on the movements. Doing that will take 90% of the power on exercises and will probably lead you to injury. Focus on your muscles, make’em work!
  • Keep your chin up. This tip is relates to the previous one. Keeping your chin up will prevent you from putting strain on the neck.
  • Know that there’s no such thing as ‘spot toning’. That’s right, you can’t lose fat on just one spot. Your body is a whole, treat it like that. You should start changing your diet and engaging into cardio workouts beside your abs routine.
  • Keep your spine neutral. Don’t arch or flatten the back. It is safest to keep a small distance of about an inch and a half between your back and the floor, which varies slightly depending on what you feel.