Prevent Running Injuries

  • Wearing Proper Shoes – I actually went to pediatrist to check my feet and shoes didn’t seem to be a problem. I think this is a fairly decent shoe that I’m wearing, but I’ll probably get something a bit better. By that I mean making sure that if fits better and it’s easy to walk. This is common sense, nothing new.
  • Proper Stretching – Understanding what muscle you’re using is important to knowing how to stretch. This is probably true since I have a stretching routine after 10 minutes of running usually. I have never thought about whether this routine is good enough though. I googled the topic and sure enough, there are lots of stretching. This is definitely something I can work on. I will post more on this! Reading a few articles on about, I find these general guidelines: – focusing on the muscles you’re using: stretching your hands is probably not going to help much
  1. warming up: a definite must before any workout
  2. starting slowly with the run: this will gradually losen up the muscles and you’ll probably last longer
  3. don’t overstretch: this can be painful and harmful. no details here…
  • Avoiding too much workout – Overtraining will almost always result in injuries. This always happens to me with weight lifting. One of my trainers said this is a good news and it means that the burn triggers muscle growth and its a sign that it’s working. However, you probably want to account for joint or other injuries. These injuries can take longer to heal.
  • Running on the right surface – You probably want the ground to to absorb the shock. Trying to avoid concrete as much as possible. Its probably the worst surface for running, about 10 times harder than asphalt. Grass or gravel is probably the best surface for running.