Preventing Ankle Sprains

Warm up exercises

Adding warm up exercises to your daily routine helps your body get ready for activities. Not only will a good warm up get your muscles and joints ready, but it also helps your heart and lungs prepare for the exertion.

Balancing Exercises

Anything you can do to help your body balance will help prevent injuries in your ankles and other joints. By challenging your balancing abilities, you strengthen your proprioception, which is the ability of your body to be aware of where your limbs are at all times. In regards to ankles, your legs have less of a chance of stepping down wrong or making another mistake that could injure you.

Plyometric Exercises

These types of exercises including skipping, jumping, hopping and other activities that involve bouncing off the ground. This is a great way to condition and strengthen the muscles as well as the ligaments and tendons in your ankle joint so they are prepared for strenuous activities.

Choose Ideal Footwear

Try out different types of shoes until your feet feel like they are supported and comfortable. The right pair of shoes stabilizes your ankles while also providing comfort to your feet. They should also support your lower leg while you’re walking, jogging or running.


If you have a weak ankle or one that has recently been injured, wrapping it in tape can give it some extra support and stability. If done correctly, this method can even provide support to injured ankles so you can still walk on it.

As with all muscle joints and ligaments, a few preventative tactics can prevent injury or lessen the impact that an injury could have on your body. With the complexity of the ankle joint, keeping it supported and flexible helps reduce the risk of a serious injury. A few preventative actions can keep you from getting a serious injury that could have a lasting impact on your body for months or even years.