Situps Don’t Work

Forget endless situps. Fat doesn’t melt away by moving it around, if it did, those silly vibrating belt machines would be in every living room. Remember those machines from old black and white movies? You stand on a platform and let the belt vibrate the fat away. Great idea, but they don’t work and neither do situps. Also, doing the same exercise over and over and over again is boring-what’s the chance, even if situps work, that you’ll keep doing them? I’m falling asleep thinking about it.

Situps won’t melt the fat off of your gut, but they do have value, they will strengthen your abdominal muscles. These muscles are used in sports, used in everyday activities around the house and office, promote a healthy posture, and produce a six-pack abs when they push through the fat. For the best effect, do two or three sets of eight to twelve reps once or twice a week. Vary the routine constantly. Again, this will strength your muscles, not burn off fat.

So what burns off the tummy fat? Simple, two things: aerobic exercise and healthy eating. Learn to enjoy cardiovascular exercise so that you can do it several times a week, you’ll be amazed at the results. Those problem areas like stomach fat are the first to benefit. Healthy eating (not dieting) will reduce your body fat too. Do them both at the same time and you won’t believe the difference!