Six Pack in a Month

Maintaining motivation is never easy. You might find yourself sticking to a strict diet for a week and then completely giving up the next week. The key is to keep telling yourself that you want it. If you give up, you are just becoming another person that has tried to get a six pack in a month but failed.

Knowing what to do will involve finding out what exercises are the most effective, what diet to stick to and how much cardio to do. These are the only questions you need answered.

Doing thousands of crunches everyday will not get you a six pack in a month. Crunches are in fact a very effective six pack exercise. However much like anything else in this world, too much of it will not benefit you. The key to get a six pack in a month is to vary your exercises and do them every second day. Like all other muscles in your body your abdominals need rest. By varying your exercises (crunches, leg lifts, v-ups, side crunches etc) you build every muscle in your midsection. This is what creates your six pack.

Diet and cardio are two of the hardest aspects of any workout to stick to. However, to get a six pack in a month they both must be done as efficiently as possible. Cardio does not have to be laborious and boring. Mixing up your cardio is always an option. Try running, riding, skipping and rowing alternatively.

Dieting does not have to mean eating small portions of food that tastes like feet. There are hundreds of healthy recipes you can find that are both healthy and taste good. You can have a low fat & low carbohydrate diet, which is definitely recommended to get a six pack in a month, which still tastes good.

Now I realize that I have not given you a list of what exercises to do or what to eat. This is because I believe the best way for you to learn is the same way I did. There are some incredibly good books that are gimmick free and have helped me get the six pack that I am proud to say I have today.