Spring Into Fabulous Shape

Spring Into Shape Today

*If you are living in the past, your life is history…

Janelle, life is filled with phases, stages and seasons. Atmospherically it’s spring and we just entered into daylight savings time. When I was in school, to make sure we didn’t set our clocks incorrectly, we were taught the phrase Spring forward. Which means we set our clocks ahead one hour. They just did that in the west and it is wonderful to have more daylight.

New Beginning

Spring is a season of fresh starts, next phases of growth and new beginnings. Nature teaches us this beautifully. Flowers begin to bloom and fruit trees wake up from their winter slumber by covering their bare limbs with magnificent blossoms that will become healthy nutritious life giving fruit.

You know a person by their fruit

Fruit is Results.

What kind of results are you producing right now? Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are your buds that turn into blossoms and manifest fruit in your life. The buds are originating in your soul. Your soul is the core of all of your decisions and actions are generated.

Get Moving

Every action you take bears fruit. Every action creates a positive or negative result. Are you getting the results you desire? Are you as fit, healthy, lean, or energetic as you wish to be? Are you filled with unspeakable joy and amazing peace that passes all natural understanding?

If not, it’s time to do some internal pruning. It’s time to clean out the dungeon of your soul and get out of the darkness of self destructive criticism and judgment that leads to weight gain, poor health, anxiety, mental and physical exhaustion.

There is no amount of blame, regret, thinking or wishing could change your past. You can’t change your past. That’s why they call it the past. It’s over!! You do have permission to move forward and leave those experiences that have paralyzed you or haunted you behind. You have the power to STOP thinking and giving energy to things you cannot change. You have the power to say, “that was then and THIS is NOW”. And begin to live in the NOW moving toward an awesome today and even more happy tomorrow.

Stop it and Block it!

Every time you are tempted to think about something painful or negative or motivation crushing say the word, STOP and block the image or thought and decide on three new words, phrases, scriptures, prayers or images you are immediately going to go to. You will find that after a few times you will automatically switch to something more positive, empowering and powerful. Reclaim your mind for good. Make your mind dwell on your desired result. You are the master of your thoughts, get back in the drivers seat and dream big and magnificent new images.

Janella, let’s wrap this up. Sometimes you have to hear something many times before it becomes understandable. Starting this moment, your past is over. Close the door on things you cannot change. Begin to make new images in your mind of the things you desire, the body you want, the food you need to eat to be lean and energetic. Imagine yourself dancing, running, lifting weights, stretching and absolutely loving it. Here are some of my favorite quotes.