Stair Sprinting

Stair sprinting is an easy and straightforward exercise that anyone can do either at home or in the park or even at work. The name is somewhat self explanatory – all you need to do is run up and down stairs. If there are several floors available to you, so much the better and the fitter you’ll get.

Even if you consider yourself in tip top physical condition, it’s better to start off gently. Try running up and down three or four floors twice. Overweight people and novices are unlikely to be able to do any more than two repetitions. Don’t worry if you can’t manage anymore at the beginning. It will take time to build up a resistance to the effort. Try doing the two repetitions every other day for a fortnight.

After the first two weeks build up the number of repetitions to three or perhaps four, depending on how many you think you can manage. If you feel you can go up and down four flights four times then by all means have a go. If you can’t, do less. As the weeks pass add on more repetitions to your routine. This will really work your muscles and increase your endurance.

Stair sprinting is great for the bum and legs. If you’re looking for strong thighs or a shapely bum then this could be the exercise for you. Carrying your own body weight upstairs rather than walking on flat ground puts more strain on the muscles and gives your feet stamina. A word of caution though, it’s easy to trip or miss a stair and end up doing yourself an injury so do be careful.