Stay Fit to Enjoy the Future

  • Start a Fitness Plan: Jumping into anything without a plan can lead to failed attempts. While getting up off the couch is an excellent start, you need to put together some type of plan. Dedicate certain days and times to exercise will help you establish a pattern. Once your pattern in established you will find it easier to exercise regularly. For example, designate three or four days of the week as wellness days and exercise on those days exclusively. This will give you time to rest in between and make the act and idea of exercising less exhausting.
  • Make it A Social Thing: If you’re the type of person who enjoys social interaction, you may find it easier to stick to a wellness routine if you have a partner. Having a friend to cycle or walk with can turn a dull routine into something more exciting. Making your exercise routine a social experience opens the door to one on one activities like tennis, basketball or racket ball. These activities allow you to have fun while staying in shape. Having a partner will also make you less likely to skip an exercise day since you will be compromising someone else’s goals as well as your won.
  • Create Short Term Goals: Even with the best intentions it’s easy to fall of your path to a healthier life style. As a society set in immediacy we often expect immediate results. Unfortunately, it takes awhile to put the weight on and the same it true to take it back off. Your ultimate goal may be to lose 30 pounds but that can take awhile and you may become disappointed with your progress and throw in the towel. Instead of focusing solely on your main goal, create smaller goals on the way. For example, set goals in five or ten pound increments. Meeting these goals will keep you satisfied with your progress and make getting to your goal a little easier.
  • Have a Back Up Plan: When you workout three days a week, missing one day can send you on a downward spiral to in-activeness. Once you fall off the path it’s not always easy to get back on; for this reason it’s important to have a backup plan. While your regular exercise routine may consist of three days of cycling or running there will be days when things like weather will prevent you from getting out and fulfilling your wellness goals. By having a simple backup routine that can be done in your home you will find it easier to stay on track even when you can’t follow your normal exercise pattern.