Strong to the Core

Lets suppose for a moment that your body is your business, you have assets and liabilities that wear and tear over time (and yes we all would love to get rid of those liabilities!) . In the corporate world as your assets depreciate you replace them, if you do not replace your assets your business will fail and die. Supposing then our body is our business, we cannot just replace our body assets however did you know that our cells are actually working constantly to renew and regenerate each day? Environmental effects and wear and tear impact on how well our cells regenerate and this is where we all see the affects of aging. It’s not only what we do on the inside to combat these effects but also on the outside and creating a strong body is just one of these.

If you think of the human body for a moment where would you think the core might be? Your spine runs from your tail bone to the base of your skull. I want you to be mindful for a moment of what shape your spine is currently in, straight or curved over and to what extent? We’ve all heard the term “sit up straight” and the majority of us would correct our posture on hearing this, wouldn’t it be cool to have the correct posture without having to think about it?

Hunching over when sitting or standing creates compression by stretching some ligaments too much and others not enough. The body gets thrown out of balance. By sitting up or standing straight we enable our body to naturally flow. The internal organs are not crunched up, breathing is easier because our lungs have more room to expand and blood can flow properly. Your core contains the majority of your major organs and one thing they simply need is room to operate efficiently.

Your muscles need to be strong to hold your spine straight for periods of time. We can all have good intentions and try to sit up straight, however it will not take long to return to a slumped posture once we are no longer thinking about it. The answer is to strengthen our muscles to a level so they automatically hold us up without strain. How do we go about strengthening our muscles? You could go to a gym and workout to tone and strengthen those muscles however strong muscles won’t do it alone, we need to train our muscles to hold and support us in the correct position otherwise we will still need to think about it!

When we repeat movement over and over the end result is a physiological change such as an increased level of accuracy. This applies to all sports where you are training through repetition to increase accuracy and basically not have to think about the “how”. One example is hitting a ball – you’ve hit it so many times you could basically shut your eyes and still hit it. This brain-muscle memory or motor memory is commonly called “muscle memory”.