Ultimate Secret To Be Fit

  • Step Ups: Step Ups are one of those exercises that I really like to do although they are difficult. The step-up is a great exercise for all the leg muscles, although it is often overlooked in favor of the squat. Make sure you’re stepping up onto a platform that’s high enough to really activate those muscle fibers, one that’s about 10 to 15 inches higher than the ground.
  • Push ups: Push ups are one of the awesome exercises that help you in building a great ab, chest, triceps and shoulder. Doing push ups will help you to avoid injuries and will also throw in a good posture. They’re important to fitness regimen for developing general body strength and core body strength.
  • Uphill sprints: Uphill sprints are said to be very brutal, but doing it 2-3 times a week will increase your strength, speed and stamina. It triples your cardiovascular endurance,
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