Toning Muscles

Working Out

Working out is important when you start new and balanced eating habit because as you lose weight you will want to improve your appearance with tighter skin and stronger muscles. This will make you look and feel much better because not only you will be thinner, but also more toned. The benefit of starting an exercise program as you begin your new lifestyle of healthy eating is that can tone as you lose. This will keep you motivated since your weight loss will appear even more dramatic because you will have a toned body.

Another benefit of working out as you begin your new lifestyle is that you can lose weight faster. This is because as you build muscle, you will burn more energy and therefore speed-up your metabolism. This results in more weight loss over the long term. Many people are confused about muscle because it weighs more than fat and therefore making their weight go up or stay the same. THE actual number on the scale is not important. Fitting in new clothes and feeling better will give you a more accurate idea about your fat loss.

Body Image: Lose FAT Not Muscles

Your overall body image, or the way you feel about yourself, will improve dramatically as you firm up and tone up. Certainly, if you have lost 20 pounds you will feel pretty good about yourself. But, how do you feel about yourself when you see your body in the mirror? Maybe not as good as you had hoped. That’s because your skin is loose, your muscles aren’t toned, and you don’t have the body you had dreamed of even if you achieved the weight you wanted. Working out and toning up is the only way to achieve that smooth skin and tight muscles you dream of.

Many people diet and then find out that they still have not achieved their goal image even upon losing the weight and then are discouraged when they have to start an exercise program. Avoid this situation all together and include a healthy diet and workout plan in your new lifestyle. You will lose weight and tone up simultaneously giving you the body you had hoped for. And remember that losing weight does not necessarily means losing fat. Unavoidably, dieting without exercising can lead to muscle loss and decreased overall metabolism, making it worst for you to look and feel better.