Tricks Get a Flat Abdomen

I make this assumption because in every gym that I have ever workout out at (and I have been in quite a few), I’ve seen many people doing endless abdominal exercises but still get absolutely nowhere when it comes to getting the flat abdomen we all dream of. In fact, some of them are wasting so much time that it’s preventing them from fulfilling their physical potential.

The wrong thing which most of the people do is their near-total concentration on stomach exercises and regular cardio workouts. The basic assumption is correct: you need to lose body fat which cardio is supposed to do, and you need to build your abs muscles which stomach exercises are supposed to do.

So what’s wrong with that? Why do most of these people fail to get flatter abdomens?

The answer is that they’re doing things wrong. The opt to do low intensity stomach exercises like crunches or spend most of their time in useless abs machines which do very little for them. This is not the way to really develop your abs muscles. The right way is to do high intensity abs workouts (if you can do more than 20 reps it’s not high intensity)

The other thing they do wrong is their cardio. Most of the people do low intensity long duration cardio thinking that the longer they spend on the treadmill or the elliptical the more fat they burn. This is a misconception. A better form of cardio is to do interval cardio routines of varying intensities (from medium to high). These can really get your heart pumping and your calories burning.