Unholy Myths Of Exercise

Crunches Burn Fat

If you read one of my previous articles about abs then you already know that doing crunches cannot and will not burn fat. Crunches, and any other ab exercise for that matter are used to strengthen mainly the abdominal muscles. However, if you have a layer of fat over the top of these abdominal muscles, you will never be able to see your abs. The only way to burn fat is with cardio, a healthy diet, and maybe some use of supplementation, but definitely not needed. MYTH BUSTED!

If I Am Not Sore, Then My Workout Was Not Any Good!

This is another common error when exercising. Just because you are not sore, does not mean you had a poor workout. Soreness is just a buildup of lactic acid inside your muscles from working out. As you workout more and more and you body becomes accustomed to working out and being pushed, you will not feel as sore anymore.

Strength Training Will Make Women Too Muscular

Again, this is not necessarily true. Strength training should be a vital component in any fitness program you embark on. Strength training with light weight and good form will be necessary for getting that toned look that many women search for. Cardiovascular training will not be enough to get this look.

When You Stop Strength Training, That Muscle Will Turn To Fat

This is along the line of crunches will burn fat. Fat and Muscle are two completely different things. This would be like saying water can turn to oil. It will not happen. When you stop strength training you will eventually lose the muscle you built up.