Walking Down The Path

Walking enabled man to survive in the past and it remains true today. Walking provides the means to live longer and there is virtually no expense involved, save for a pair of shoes – walking barefoot in many environments may pose a health risk. It can be accomplished at slower speeds for the elderly or at a much quicker pace for the younger and for both the health benefits are tremendous.

Walking provides the opportunity to achieve better physical and emotional health. The old adage of a sound mind in a sound body is certainly a benefit of walking. The emotional benefits of walking are as significant as the physical aspects. It provides a bit of an escape from everyday stresses. It provides a time to think if walking alone or to discuss issues, events, and daily occurrences if one is accompanied.

Walking provides the opportunity to be an observer. In a park or country setting, one can simply enjoy the abundance of nature or in a more urban setting there is the activity of day to day living that surrounds us. In either case the focus is often removed from ourselves and gives our own mind the time to reflect and evaluate. Events are occurring outside our direct sphere of interest and consequently the mind is often rejuvenated, refreshed and invigorated.

The physical benefits of walking are numerous. Our limbs are engaged in an activity that man was designed to do. Our muscle structure is enhanced as well as our internal organs. Our hearts may beat a bit faster thus improving our respiratory and circulatory systems. Digestion is benefited and fat is burned while improving our flexibility and endurance.

High blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol plague many and the simple act of participating in a walking program offers the opportunity to reduce blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels in most people. If one wants to live longer with a better quality of life the simple act of walking is the path to follow.