Walking For Exercise

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes — This is one of the most important walking tips there is. Wearing uncomfortable shoes can cause all sorts of injury and discomfort. Pick good walking shoes before you take a step.
  • Use a pedometer — A pedometer tracks the number of steps you take. It’s very important to note how much you’re walking so you’ll be able to track your progress. A pedometer isn’t expensive and is an excellent investment in your health.
  • Swing your arms as you walk — Swinging your arms incorporates your entire body into the motion of walking. You will burn more energy and lose more weight this way.
  • Walk at a rapid pace — Don’t stroll. Walk at a rapid pace which gets your heart rate up but which is relatively easy for you to maintain.
  • Walk with music — Use an iPod or another player when you walk. Play music you like (nothing depressing). This will help you to walk for longer periods of time.
  • Walk straight — It’s very important for your back to walk with a good posture. Always walk with your back straight and try to keep your eyes looking forward and not downward.
  • Walk at least 3 times a week. If you can manage more that’s great.