Get Rid of Cellulite

Many women believe that there’s nothing they can do about the cellulite that seems to stick to their thighs, hips and buttocks like glue, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Although it may not be possible to remove every trace of cellulite, there is much you can do that doesn’t involve risky surgery.

Exercise is a wonderful way to reduce the amount of cellulite you have on your body. This is because exercise stimulates the body to pump oxygen to every cell of the body and burns calories too. Cellulite is excess body fat, but most women find it quite difficult to get rid of naturally. The reason we have such trouble is a 2-fold problem.

  • Our gender: Gotta love that one! The hormonal ups and downs every woman experiences give women a greater tendency to store fat in anticipation of pregnancy. Since we don’t make
  • Our genetics:
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Fat Loss Workout

The program involves a combination of cardio and weight training. Now, some may hear this and shudder because they assume that such a program will be a “killer”. But, in reality, you can modify any workout program’s intensity level to fit your needs. Of course, the harder you go the more calories you will burn but you can only go as hard as your conditioning will allow.

Regarding cardio work, this refers to raising your heart rate through movement and burning calories as a result. Any fat loss workout that is high in cardio will result in significant weight loss. Bike riding, jogging, sprinting, swimming, playing basketball, etc are all forms of cardio workouts.

The easiest cardio workout is walking as it is low intensity. But, keep in mind, the lower the intensity of a cardio fat loss workout the longer the duration of the workout has to be in

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Get Fit and Not Fluffy

Balance balls are large, sturdy, air-filled balls. They stretch about 50 cm to 65 cm in diameter and are used in exercise routines. Balance balls are referred to by a number of other names such as fitness, stability, Swiss, or Pilates balls.

Not very expensive, they generally cost in the range of $10 to $20, so buying one won’t break the bank.

If you’re looking for a fun but effective way to tone and stabilize your core muscles, the balance ball is a great solution. Regular use of this unusual piece of exercise equipment can help you lose weight and trim your body.

Balance balls also help gain and develop balance and also increase flexibility. These balls are especially useful for those who can’t stand or walk for an extended period of time but still want to get and stay in shape.

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Quick Cellulite Reduction

The most effective exercises to get rid of cellulite can be done easily and without expensive equipment. As a matter of fact, if you can open a door and walk outside, you can exercise for cellulite removal. That may seem a bit far-fetched, but it is true nonetheless. The best cellulite exercises are in deed the simplest ones. Activities like walking, running, swimming, jogging, biking, etc. All of these exercises promote increased blood flow and circulation — two things that cellulite hates.

These aerobic and cardiovascular exercises are simple, effective, and inexpensive. In fact, you only need about 10-20 minutes each day. That’s it! You don’t have to run a 5-mile marathon, go to a gym & use a treadmill for 3 hours, and you don’t have to hire a personal trainer at $200 an hour. Simply open the door and get started.

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Exercise Women With Fibromyalgia

Researchers conducted a 16 week study on women who were taking medications for pain relief. One group studied did aerobic exercise and flexibility work. Another group added simple strength training exercises.

A third group was given a self help course to help educate themselves on how to deal with symptoms and the last group combined the education with the walking, stretching and strengthening. The exercisers met twice a week and they gradually increased their exercise intensity throughout the program. They were told to exercise a third day on their own. 207 women started the program and 135 completed the 16 weeks.

The studies’ authors suggest that progressive walking, basic strength exercises and stretching are effective at improving physical, emotional, and social function. These results were still present 6 months after the program was concluded. The benefits of exercise were enhanced when combined with self management education. The participants had improved … Read the rest

About Exercise and Leisure

If you have ever been to a gym on a regular basis, you have probably seen those people that are disgustingly healthy working out every day and always pushing themselves to the limit. What you may not realize is that they have worked on trimming and toning before they worked on just getting bigger and stronger. When you start working out, it is not only unnecessary but also unhealthy to try to maximize the weights with which you work out.

To tone your body effectively, the repetitions or number of times you perform each exercise is more important than the actual weight. When first beginning your workout routine, try finding a weight that you are comfortable with and then take just a little bit more weight off. When you tone your body, you are actually ripping your muscles during your workout. Too much weight will easily tear the muscle tissue

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Anywhere Posture Improver’s


Helps realign your head over your shoulders-and relieve neck strain

While standing or sitting, simply move your head back over the middle of your shoulders. Think of trying to touch an imaginary wall with the back of your neck (do not actually tip your head back to touch the wall as that will cause your neck to arch).

Hold for ten seconds and relax. Do this whenever you realize your head has been hanging forward for a while, i.e., after reading or leaning over your desk, computer, handwork, hobby, etc.


Strengthens the muscles between the shoulder blades and mid-back. This movement/exercise will correct rounded shoulders¬-and also relax all neck muscles.

Lift rib cage. Think of pulling up with your midsection.

Press your shoulder blades back, towards your spine, and then press them down towards your waistline.

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Building Abdominals

Abdominal crunches work only one area of your abdomen–the part along the front of your belly above the belly button. Unfortunately, this happens to be the one area of the stomach that’s often strongest for most people. So, crunches simply make an already strong area of the abdomen even stronger, ignoring important weak spots that are the true source of your problem.
The ABS are actually more than just one muscle. The abdominal muscle group is made up of the oblique muscles (internal and external), the abdominus rectus and the hidden transverse abdominus.

The obliques are thin muscles that form a continual wrap around the torso, enclosing your bony structures and internal organs in a protective support. Unfortunately, even the most developed obliques can be hidden under layers of fatty love handles.

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Stair Sprinting

Stair sprinting is an easy and straightforward exercise that anyone can do either at home or in the park or even at work. The name is somewhat self explanatory – all you need to do is run up and down stairs. If there are several floors available to you, so much the better and the fitter you’ll get.

Even if you consider yourself in tip top physical condition, it’s better to start off gently. Try running up and down three or four floors twice. Overweight people and novices are unlikely to be able to do any more than two repetitions. Don’t worry if you can’t manage anymore at the beginning. It will take time to build up a resistance to the effort. Try doing the two repetitions every other day for a fortnight.

After the first two weeks build up the number of repetitions to three or perhaps four, depending

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Workout When Sick

  • Engage in a light workout.

The purpose here is to EASE back in to your normal workouts. Do not expect to go all out at this point. I would suggest choosing to start off with a less intense version of your intervals or a modified resistance training workout. If either of these options includes jumping, you may wish to find a substitute.

Options may look like:

Intervals – instead of a normal 1 min. low/1 min. high, choose to perform 2 minutes low, 1 minute high but all variables are less intense than your regular interval session. This may extend your time spent and that is okay. No need to go past 20 minutes….remember the goal is to EASE back into your routine.

Resistance Training Workout – you have a couple options here. Depending on your fitness level and how you are feeling, you may choose to complete a beginner … Read the rest