Ab Exercises To Avoid

Regular Situps!

Simple situps will get you nowhere, and fast. The problem with regular situps is that they don’t concentrate enough on your abdominal contractions, they focus more on hip flexors, which have nothing to do with your abs.

If you’re going to do “situp” type workouts, try to do resistance crunches; use a weighted medicine ball and put your legs on a chair and do crunches that way. That will build much more muscle than regular situps.

Over Excessive Ab Workouts!

Big problem. When people put emphasis on their abs during their training, they overdo it. Abs are a peculiar muscle group; they only need to be worked out 2-3 per week max. When you workout your abs more than that you aren’t getting any benefits from it as they don’t get enough recovery required to progress.

Bulky Machines!

Does the “Ab Lounge” ring a bell? I certainly hope it does. This fad machine was fun, for a whole 2 seconds, when people reported it just wasn’t working as advertised. Don’t waste your money on machines that quite simply don’t deliver results.

Another worthless machine was the “total tiger.” Some people did report some results with this one but they weren’t talking about abs, they were getting their arms buffer, NOT abs! The position to work that machine makes it so that you only workout your arms.

Do yourself a favor avoid using these machines to exercise your abs.