Belly Dancing Lessons

Curves and twists, thrusts and drops are the primary moves with the actual footwork being secondary in many dances. The belly remains the center of focus throughout the dance and is accented by silks and jewelry and the undulating movement of the hips.

Belly dancing lessons are readily available in all but the most rural communities. You can search online for a local teacher. The belly dance community has a very strong presence on the web and you can even get online video lessons. Type in belly dancing and your location and you might be surprised how many results are in your area.

Belly dancing lessons in Harrisburg Pa., my hometown, are available from several qualified instructors. My introduction to belly dancing was a by a very dazzling and accomplished dancer who performed solo as well as with a troop. Her energy and love of the dance were apparent as soon as the music started. Isadora Duncan said: “The dancers body is a luminous manifestation of the soul”, after watching a belly dancer perform you’ll understand.

Don’t plan on wearing your usual workout attire to your belly dancing lessons. The standard belly dancing costume is worn to set the proper mood and show the movement of the body.

The belly dancing outfit is used to show off the hips and the midriff. The costume consists of a bra, hip belt and floor length shirt. The skirt is usually silk or other light flowing fabric, it hides the feet and keeps your attention on the hips and stomach. Embellishments such as coins and jewelry vary with personal taste and style.

As the music pulses and the dancer moves the sounds and sights of the costume mesmerizes you with it’s sensuous and hypnotic artistry. Belly dancing is known by many different names throughout the world, Middle Eastern dance, Balady or Raks Balady, Egyptian Raks Al-Sharqi, and the Oriental Dance are the most common.

Some history experts feel that belly dancing is the oldest form of structured dance and has been around for thousands of years. When it’s performed by a skilled dancer it is a fascinating blend of visual enticement and alluring beauty.

The belly dance, for most of history has been a dance for women by women. The Hollywood stereotype of dancers entertaining groups of men is a common misconception. Preparing the young women for marriage and fertility rites as well as celebrating the feminine sensuality were the dances earliest purpose. For thousands of years men were not even allowed to attend these functions.

Lessons are a great way for women to stay in shape and have fun. As a bonus your significant other will surely be enthralled by the sharing of your new creative and sensuous skill.