Benefits of Interval Training

The higher intensity performed during interval training will force the heart to work at a higher capacity and thereby exercises this muscle more vigorously than a normal exercise routine done at a steady rate. This increases the hearts ability to cope with sudden demands on it which could otherwise be a trigger for a heart attack. It also improves blood supply to the heart and can repair damaged tissue.

The higher rate of exercise also pushes the lungs to cope thereby increasing your lungpower. Your lungpower deteriorates with age and has been shown to be correlated with life expectancy and the strength of your immune system. Interval training will benefit your lungpower and help prevent this deterioration.

Research has also shown that more calories are burnt during interval training than during normal exercise and with less time spent. This will obviously help in any weight loss program. The high intensity performed during interval training triggers an “after burn effect” which will melt away your excess fat.

In today’s society time is also a valuable commodity and while interval training shouldn’t be regarded as an easy option, it can be achieved in a shorter time frame than a regular exercise routine. This means you are less likely to stop your exercise program and therefore reap the benefits of this activity.

The benefits of interval training are obvious and can be practiced by anyone including those who are less fit, although anyone beginning an exercise program should always consult their doctor. The intensity performed will be at a level according to your ability. You will improve the health of your heart and lungs and therefore your all round health with interval training. The benefits of less time having to be spent will also mean you are more likely to stick with your exercise program.