Combination Exercise and Diet

To gain weight one would intake more calories, less calories to maintain mass, this makes perfect sense since you need to eat more to gain. (A round about figure estimated 10 calories per pound of lean weight.) That means if you weigh 213 pounds with 12% body fat, your diet would be based on a 2000 calorie diet. Getting cut up is not the healthiest way to maintain all year round or for long periods.

Even if you are eager to lose weight fast, (don’t jump into a low calorie diet immediately) you should not let yourself go hungry or starve. Your body will feel threatened and your system will automatically start storing fat. What this means is that if you decide to cheat one day or consume an extra calorie while on maintenance it will be stored as body fat. Body fat severely increases.

Make changes gradually so that your body accepts and adapts to new ways, in the long run you’ll be happy, Also carbohydrates increase sugar cravings, so avoid these cycles of yo- yo dieting, restrict your carbohydrates slowly, this will aid in your sugar intake.

Protein should be approximately 1 to 1.5 grams per pound of body weight, protein intake is always important. Protein is essential to a nitrogen balance, protein aids in any repairs or damaged caused by training and cardiovascular and it also avoids muscle from being burned. Fats should be increased to make up for the carbohydrate loss, fat can be used as the alternative for your fuel energy, fats form cholesterol needed to make testosterone and vitamin D. (eat celery)
Vegetables contain 80% of water and plenty of fiber, so add these calories to your diet and consume less dense food calories. Don’t avoid fats and drink at least 10 8ounce glasses of water per day or more. We are made of 60% water, the more water you drink the less body fat you maintain. So drink, drink and drink. (drink water instead of cafe latte).

When you increase your cardiovascular or exercise you burn more calories than you normally would, it is extremely important that you combine the two, for optimal results be sure to exercise and eat right.