Forearm Exercises

Your hands are used more than any other muscle in your body, besides your legs of course. Without strong hands, you can’t open jars, carry heavy objects, or any other everyday activities.

While this may make life an inconvenience sometimes, this type of hand weakness is absolutely detrimental to an athlete.

Think about it – what sport out there doesn’t involve using your hands? Baseball, basketball, football, and maybe even soccer if you’re grabbing your opponents jersey. Without strong hands, you simply aren’t going to be effective on the field.

And this is where forearm exercises come in.

By building hand and wrist strength, you’ll have an advantage over all of your opponents. Better yet, you’ll have an advantage in the weight room so you can be able to lift more weight and become much stronger than them in all areas of your body as well!

You’ll also be building protection around your joints so any type of wrist sprain will be much less likely. How many times have you heard of a person whose year got ruined because of a bad sprain?

I have a few that have come to be my favorite. They consist of the following: rope climbing, using a wrist roller, pinch gripping, and using hand grippers.

By using a combination of those 4 types of exercises you’ll hit the forearms/wrists/hands from every angle and be able to bring out the most strength possible. You’ll also get them ready for any situation!

Do yourself a favor and don’t discount the important of your lower arms. Sure, they might not be the centerpiece of your body for showing off, but they’re extremely important for both athletes as well as everyday guys and girls just looking to do daily chores a bit easier.

Just today I had to carry my 30 gallon fish aquarium across my room. I picked it up by the edges of the glass too – think I could have done that with weak hands? Of course not!