Get Yourself Back in Shape

Reward yourself!

Each time you get to to the gym, put it in the calendar. Check your calendar regularly and if you notice a lapse in your gym attendance, cut down on your entertainment; alternatively, if you see constant or growing attendance, give yourself prizes: buy yourself a present, or have a night out with your friends! e. This will help you get more focused and motivated.

Join a team!

You don`t have to be a professional athlete to join a sports team. Whether you go to a club, or start a new sport, it`s important to find a workout partner. This way you will have more support. Try to plan a day for jogging with a neighbor, friend, or work buddy.

Challenge yourself!

Set a fitness goal, like a three-mile walk or two hours of bicycling. You can start a contest with your friends or workout partner, and train for it as if it was the Olympics. The more you train, the more satisfied you`ll be.


Your new favorite song can be a great source of energy. Your favorite song can give you extraordinary motivation and energy, and will make you work out with more excitement.

Have a positive attitude!

Don`t work out only to lose weight. Your exercises shouldn’t feel like a burden. The workouts also help you improve your health and self-esteem.

Have fun!

Forget the “no pain, no gain” attitude. The connection between your mind and body is essential. Try to choose activities that you enjoy and that help you burn calories at the same time. The more fun you’re having with it, the more time you`ll spend doing it.