Great Bowflex Workout

First, you should warm up before using any fitness equipment. This can involve simple stretching, or going at 30 % intensity for the first five or 10 minutes until your muscles are ready for something more intense. Not only will your body be more receptive to making gains went working out, but you will recover faster after your workout is finished. This means it will be much easier next time to pop right back on that piece of fitness equipment and start exercising again.

Second, you need to measure your progress. Many machines have their own measurement gadgets, and these can be beneficial. However, I’ve found that it is better to keep a journal. I think that writing it down by hand makes it seem more real to me. Also, it’s simply easier for me to track my results. Plus, I can set my own indicators of progress instead of having to rely on my equipment and its limitations.

Third, do not be afraid to journey outside of your comfort zone when using Bowflex. Many people who purchase fitness equipment only utilize it to a small amount of its total possibility. This is especially true with home workout equipment. Try new things, experiment with new settings, and further educate yourself about the uses of the machine. At the very least, make sure you test out each feature.

Fourth, try a variety of different approaches when working out. You can try interval training, high intensity training, cardiovascular training, strength conditioning and more. Try pay combination and keep experimenting to find something that works perfectly for your body. By approaching the whole thing with the idea of experimentation, you’ll more quickly find the workouts — and combination of workouts — that will yield the maximum results.