Mindless Ways To Burn Calories

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator at least once a day (in your apartment building, at work, the mall, etc.)
  • Search out the parking spot that’s the farthest away from the door. Aside from burning calories on the trek from your car to the building, you’ll always be sure to nail a parking space!
  • Shopping sprees can give you more than new wardrobes – they can help you gain muscle and shed pounds too! When walking from store to store, keep your stomach muscles tightened, tuck in your tush, and try doing bicep curls with your bags. Afraid you’ll look silly? Not at all. No one will notice your fitness moves, but they WILL notice your hot new bod!
  • Have before-bed dance parties with your honey! Turn on the tunes and twist your torso to all the latest grooves. Incorporate some sexy moves to put the two of you in the mood and you’ll burn even more calories once you hit the sheets. Score!
  • If your destination is relatively close, leave your car, bus ticket or metro card at home and use your legs, instead!
  • Sitting at your desk for 8 hours a day doesn’t have to be such a sedentary task. Squeeze your butt while slightly lifting it off the seat. Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps for a toned tush while still being productive on the job!
  • Have kids? Shoot a few hoops, play some tennis or spend an hour jumping rope with them after work. You’ll have so much fun reliving your youth that you won’t even realize you’re melting off pounds. And even better? By joining your kids in their favorite activities, you’ll bond with them AND be doing something healthy for your body.