Motivate Yourself To Exercise

  • First, you will need to find a reason why you should do these exercises to help motivate you to do these routines. Do you want to fall into the lazy sluggish looking stereotype of webmasters? If not, then these exercises will help you avoid this! What about being too sick to work? If you do not maintain a healthy body by exercising, you are most immune to getting sick. Being sick will lead to low productivity and hours that you cannot work, which means loss in profit.
  • Start off by taking 5 minute breaks each hour to do simple physical movements such as walking around for a bit, sit ups, curl ups and so on. Whichever is most convenient for you (if it is not, it’s most likely that you will get too lazy to even try!). Make sure you do this every hour, if not you will procrastinate and delay it the next hour to the next hour and so on. If you keep doing it consistently for several hours it will become a habit and will be easier to initiate each time.
  • Take a break. You do not need to work for 12 hours straight. When you take breaks on weekends or during the week (c’mon you work online, your schedule is not as strict as those who are being nagged by bosses). Pick up a new favorite sport or go to a gym with a buddy. The key goal is to do some sort of long physical activity with someone because they can help motivate you or force you out of your house! Sometimes it is hard to motivate yourself.