Take Training Seriously

Since then that comment has stuck with me and I have noticed how every decision that I have made has put me where I currently am in life. Now I’m pretty happy with my life, but what if I would have made only one different choice? Well, I would probably be doing something different. The point is that every day, every minute you make decisions that will affect how successful you are with your fitness program. You can choose to skip your workout and go have a couple beers and chicken wings with your buddies, or you can go workout and then have a grilled chicken breast with steamed vegetables. You can stay up late every night working or watching TV and then end up skipping your workout the next day because you are too tired. Or you can put the work down, shut off the TV and go to bed getting the 7-8 hours of sleep you need to be able to train at your best during your workout the next morning. You will also get more done if you are well rested and in shape rather than running on E all the time.

The fact is that YOU make the decisions that will affect YOUR life and no one else. And it is only you that can determine how successful you will be in reaching your fitness goals. People who are successful with their fitness realize that exercise must be a main focus of their life, even more than that it must be a lifestyle. These people will make the sacrifices necessary to get into the gym when they don’t have time and eat right when they are on the road. They have taken control of their lives and hold themselves accountable for their decisions, not blaming someone else for why they aren’t in shape. They also realize that a successful exercise program is not to be fun, it is to be a challenge. You are to hate it, but also love it. And they are always up for the challenge. A successful person will view their training the same way a successful athlete would view their training. Because in reality you are very similar to an athlete. The athlete is training for their particular sport and to be able to handle everything that is thrown at them. And you are training for life and to be able to handle the physical challenges thrown at you everyday.

People who are successful with their fitness program believe in themselves and believe they can achieve the results they are looking for regardless of how hard it may be. They believe in themselves and that they will be successful. If you don’t believe that you will achieve your goals how do you expect to see results? You can’t. By believing that you will reach your goal you give yourself that extra drive to keeping pushing when you don’t want to and would rather go home. That is what makes the difference between reaching your goal and not reaching it.

I have often heard people say “I have tried this or that program and it didn’t work.” And then continue to complain about all the things that program didn’t do. However, it probably really comes down to the individual didn’t do what they were supposed to do and didn’t follow the program the way they were instructed to. This next statement came from a speaker I was listening too. “The program always produces results it is the individual who determines whether or not they achieve the results.” After hearing this I realized how true it really was. Every training program in the world will produce results no matter how poorly or how well it is designed. The determining factor is you and whether or not you follow it and take it seriously. This is even more true for a beginner because they have not been doing anything and will see results easily. However, a better program will produce better results than a lesser program, but that aside. As long as the program is followed you will see results. And let me define a beginner. A beginner is anyone who has never exercised or who has been away from exercise for more than a month. (If you have been training consistently for less than a year you also are classified as a beginner, but for this articles purposes I will stick to less than a month.) If you have been consistently training for longer than a year a poor program may not do much for you. But, if you have already been training consistently you already know what it takes and what to do to achieve your best.

The following is the story about how I got my start training. And trust me my first program was not good. However, it still produced results.

I started training when I was 12 years old. All I had was one 10 pound dumbbell and my bodyweight, nothing else. I had no idea what I was doing other than I wanted to get bigger and stronger. I was a very skinny kid. I knew a couple of exercises so I started with those. Slowly I would think of something else I could do with that DB or with my bodyweight. I would write down all of these exercises in a notebook and in an order that I thought was good and I would do all of this everyday. This was so wrong, but I didn’t know that. I was learning how to workout. So anyhow, I had this program in my little notebook that I would do everyday and never changed it much, maybe added something new every now and then. Some of the exercises were good others were horrible. I don’t think some of them even could be called exercises, but I thought it worked something. Before and after each workout I would roll all of my joints that would allow for rotational movement in circles in each direction until nothing would crackle. This did nothing, but I thought at the time it did. When I think of the things I did when I first started training it makes me laugh. But, I didn’t know any better I just thought that if I would do this everyday and work hard at it I would get bigger and stronger. And I did. There just are better and smarter ways of doing it that would have produced even better gains. But I followed this program consistently for a year and a half until I was able to start lifting real weights in the high school weight room. My point is even though my first program was terrible I was still able to get bigger and stronger because I was consistent and believed in it. And the same goes for any other beginner. If you are consistent, take your workouts seriously, and believe that you will achieve the results you want; you will no matter how good or bad your program is.