Toning Inner Thighs

Leg Extensions

Sit on the floor with leg to be exercised straight with toes pointed. The other leg should be bent with the sole of the foot on the floor.

Place a balanceable weight such as a book on the extended leg, mid cal.

Hands should be positioned behind you on the floor for balance.

Breathing in, raise the extended leg six inches or so off the floor and hold for ten seconds.

Breathing out slowly lower the leg to the floor.

Repeat ten times for each leg or for as many times as is tolerably uncomfortable.

Knee Squeeze

Adopt a sitting position with back straight.

Place a cushion or pillow between the knees and squeeze. Hold for twenty seconds and relax. Repeat ten times

Hack Squat

Stand with knees slightly apart and feet facing forward.

Taking a weight in each hand and breathing in, bend at the knees (maintaining a straight back) so that you are virtually in a sitting position.

Hold for ten seconds then breathing out, slowly return to a standing position. It’s important that the thigh muscles do the work and not the knees or lower back.