Vertigo Exercises

Depending on the severity of your vertigo, some of the exercises could seem very simple, but in the long run it is better to perform all of the exercises. One such exercise is trying to maintain your balance while standing on a level floor. Once you have completed this try adding this step to the exercise. Once you are standing still and balanced, sway from side to side while keeping your feet in a still position while still maintaining your balance. This is one of the easier exercises, if you are having trouble with this exercise practice it before moving on to the next step.

The third step of this exercise is to maintain your balance while rotating your body 360 degrees (A full rotation). After rotating 360 degrees try to walk in a straight line. This step can be dizzying and hard even for people with vertigo. This can seem of little worth to people without vertigo but can be challenging to people with this condition.

The next exercise has to do with head movements. Head movements can be an effective exercise for people with vertigo. Episodes of vertigo can be triggered by sudden head movements. When you perform this exercise it stimulates your system to efficiently maintain balance. These exercises should be incorporated in your program. Talking with your physician can ensure that the program you undergo is indeed, helpful. If your physician approves, you no longer need to worry if what you are doing is efficiently helping your health.

If you suffer from vertigo you should consider the vertigo exercises listed. No matter how mild your condition may be these exercises can help with all cases of Vertigo. The exercises listed can help you improve your balance and boost your self-esteem. Without these improvements you are risking your health and the health of other people. The boosted confidence stems from not having to worry about all those embarrassing and painful falls. Performing these exercises are very beneficial for anyone suffering from vertigo.